The evolution of my Facebook page

February 17, 2009


My Facebook page was born September 2005. My Facebook was a healthy platform for communicating with friends. I took full advantage of the available Facebook applications and services. My page was a strong, public site until I learned about the impact of my social media image and general presence in the world of social media. My Facebook page began to quickly evolve.

My random choice of friends, questionable content, and overly public settings changed after I received my first lecture about the accessibility of Facebook.

The lecture I hear year after year consists of professionals or professors telling students about the importance of maintaining a positive social media image. First impressions are crucial in our current overly competitive job market. One quick sweep on Google and the image that pops up could determine your current employment status.

To help you make the right choices on Facebook, here are some tips, do’s, and don’ts.

A few examples from Switched’s post Facebook 101: 25 Tips and Tricks:

  • Manage your online profile, because potential employers and college admissions may be checking.
  • Don’t use the ‘Poke’ function, ever.
  • Edit your ‘networks.’

More tips from my professor Kelli Matthews include:

  • Maintain an accurate and professional Facebook profile.
  • Remember that email, comments and blog posts are forever. For-ev-er. Think before you type.

If you still need to be convinced to make your Facebook page more employer friendly, read this USA Today article.

My Facebook page evolved from public, to semi-private, and then extremely private. With the private setting I’m able to have a limited social media presence. I worry that being nonexistent on Facebook may give off the impression that I have something to hide. Currently, my main concern with Facebook is their new terms of use content ownership policy.

What are your thoughts about this policy and having a public presence on Facebook in general?


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