How organizations create and maintain strong reputations

March 10, 2009

I recently recorded my first podcast about how organizations create and maintain strong reputations. During my research, I found some great resources that reinforce the importance of reputation. With disasters like Enron, people have a growing level of distrust in organizations. Reputations are among the most important asset an organization can possess.

By TrendsSpotting

During the podcast, I play a clip from the Reputation Management podcast featuring  Gary Thompson, former EVP of Schwartz Communication and former director of the Reputation Institute.

After listening to Thompson discuss the definition of reputation and how to manage reputation, I begin to discuss information I found from Neville Hobson. Hobson discusses how organizations can create strong reputations with individuals and groups who are involved with Web 2.0 and social media. Social media puts power in the hands of individuals, which forces organizations to be transparent and participate in two-way communication.

Although my recording skills are extremely amateur, the content of the podcast includes useful information. Below is my podcast and additional resources regarding organization reputation.

Gretchen\’s PR Podcast

Reputation Management 9/18/2006: Navigating Corporate Reputation

Reputation, Beyond Authenticity

Centre for Reputation Management Through People

Podcast to Build Your Corporate Reputation

Truth and consequences about trust


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